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Sharing Goodness!

I think it's really something special when you find a source for supplies where your business is appreciated and you are treated like you matter.  A while back I said goodbye to a scrapbooking store in my area because my business was not appreciated, and the store owner didn't keep her promises.  And I won't be going back.  But for every one business that treats you like you don't matter, there are others out there waiting to take their place who do want your business, and appreciate you as a customer.

One example is an Etsy store that I stumbled upon last week.  It's called Bluebird Lane, and the 'shopkeeper' even lives in my home state of Georgia.  Anyway, she sells the most scrumptious seam binding and French gift tags, etc., that I just had to order a few things from her.  And they came today!

My first indication that this order was going to be something special should have been this . . .

 . . . the cute French stamp on the {blue} shipping label.  How cute is that?  Even though my package came from a couple of hours away from me, I immediately felt like I was somehow getting a package from France.  Then I opened the box, and found a cloud of shiny white tissue paper, and beneath the tissue paper was this . . .

A sweet little bundle, wrapped in more white tissue, with a gorgeous robins egg blue seam binding, and one of the cute French gift tags which she sells in the shop, a pretty 'Decadent Paperie' tag, complete with some bling, and a pink silk rosebud.  So pretty!!! 

When I took the bundle out of the box I really felt like I had a gift to open, so I untied the first little knot in the seam binding and released the Paperie tag, then the next knot released the birds nest gift tag and the rosebud, and the last knot revealed a greeting card and a sticker that was holding the tissue together.

Every step of opening the package was special, and that was part of what won Donna at Bluebird Lane a new customer.  Another part was that her communications on Etsy were quick and friendly, and that even though it was Christmas weekend, the package went out right away.

There was even a little freebie of a pack of her gift tags in the package.  Now, I don't know if she does that for everyone, but it was a special touch, as was the hand written note in reply to a conversation I sent her on Etsy.  She could have just replied to my communication, but instead she answered it in a hand written note.  Those little extra touches that mean so much!

But the number one reason I fell in love with this shop was the actual products!  Such yummy colors, fresh and bright and crisp, and even the yardage of seam binding I bought was presented in such a pretty manner, who could resist such sweetness!

I got five bundles of scrunched seam binding, in such gorgeous combinations as "Rainy Day in Paris Blues", "Creamsicle", "Grandmother's Lilac Bush", "Traditional Valentines", and "Blueberies, Cocoa and Cream".  And there were others that I didn't get, but now wish that I had!

Be looking for some new cards made using this scrumptious stuff soon, and if you are looking for gorgeous goodies with a French flair, please check out Donna at Bluebird Lane by clicking on the link, or the button in my right hand column.  You'll be glad you did!

Blessings folks!  Becky 


English Cottage in Georgia said...

My Etsy purchases have always been fantastic - similar to your post. So glad you are as impressed with Etsy sellers as I am.
Have a wonderful New Year!

Sunny said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and your kind comments.
A very Happy New Year to you!
Sunny :)

bennie and patsy said...

Thank you for sharing and a Happy Blue Moon New Year to you.

Jeanneoli said...

Donna is amazing and she is a wonderful business to deal with!