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Welcome! This is the place where I share my artsy and crafty projects. I am an evolving artist these days ... finding myself enjoying less of the cards and mini albums that I have made for years, and turning to art journaling and more artistic endeavors. I have always enjoyed some craft or other, and some of my earliest memories of my mother helping me make paper dolls and other crafts. I am now in my 60's and finding myself more passionately enjoying creating beautiful things and learning new skills and techniques and products.

While you are here I hope you will find inspiration and ideas for making your own projects, however any images or projects you find here are my personal property and should not be used for your own monetary gain, or for contests or challenges. Thank You!


Friday Night Confessions and The Messy Desk Challenge

Hello, my name is Becky and I am a messy crafter!

There, I said it!  My dirty little secret is out in the open for all to hear!  But is that really such a biggie?  I mean, normally I tend to work best in a smaller space, and a whole 6' long table seems so big, and empty, when it's clean!

But, there does always come the day when it's just TOO messy!  There have been times when I barely had a 1 foot square space to work, and that's just not enough.  Not to mention the fact you can't find anything.  But when I'm there, in the zone, creating and crafting and making pretty things . . . you know, in the moment, it's so hard to put things back right then!

I have even tried making myself clean up after each project, and it works . . . for a while, but then old habits kick in and before I know it everything is back in a mess once again.  And yes, messy workspace can and does lead to crafters block!

This morning, although I didn't have much time to 'play', I wanted to spend a few minutes creating, but it just didn't work.  I couldn't find things, nothing worked out right, so my few minutes creating turned into minutes of frustration.

Then this afternoon, after I got home from running some errands with my Mama, I wanted to create something to make up for the lost time this morning, so I came up with an idea . . . a Messy Desk Challenge!  Here are the rules:

  • Sit down at your crafting space (but it must be messy!) and make something with what is already out on your desk.  Pulling out a tool or two is fine, but materials such as paper, ribbon, buttons, flowers, etc. must be used from what is on your desk or workspace.
  • As you use an item from your desk, you MUST put what you don't use back where it belongs before continuing.
  • Once your project is finished, you absolutely HAVE to sit there for another 10 minutes and straighten and put away as much stuff as you can in that amount of time.  You don't have to stop at 10 minutes, that's just the minimum amount of time for the challenge.  
  • Come back here and leave a comment and tell me about how the challenge worked for you!  And if you post about your project, the clean-up or the challenge, please leave me a link in the comment so I can go visit you!
And here is my project, made from things on my work table . . . 

I did pull out the 1/4 inch hole punch to punch the holefor the lace, but everything else was right there on my table.  The embossed kraft card stock was even already embossed; I embossed it for another project that was landscaped (longways) and the embossing was portrait (up and down), so I couldn't use it.  The flower was even already glued together with the ribbon - a leftover from a project that didn't work out.  And this is a really sweet tag to send to a friend who needs a pick me up!

Oh, and what do you get out of this challenge???  A cleaner space, more organization, and hopefully somewhere in the mess you will find your crafting mojo, right where you left it, buried under all the stuff!

Okay, so now it's your turn!  Take the Messy Desk Challenge and let me know how it works for you!  Blessings, Becky

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