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Welcome! This is the place where I share my artsy and crafty projects. I am an evolving artist these days ... finding myself enjoying less of the cards and mini albums that I have made for years, and turning to art journaling and more artistic endeavors. I have always enjoyed some craft or other, and some of my earliest memories of my mother helping me make paper dolls and other crafts. I am now in my 60's and finding myself more passionately enjoying creating beautiful things and learning new skills and techniques and products.

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A Rainy Day in Georgia

What a wonderful thing to wake up to rain!!! We are in a horrible drought here in northern Georgia, and at my house this is the first measurable rain since the end of August when the remnants of Hurricane Fay passed through. I've lost so many of my perennials due to lack of water the past three summers, and I've gotten discouraged about my yard. I mean, we could water some, but times and ways were restricted, and I just felt it would be better to water as little as possible to save the water for people.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know I'm not playing much this week because we'll be leaving on Saturday for a week long camping trip to Richard B. Russell State Park near Elberton, Georgia. This week is all about laundry, packing food and clothing, cleaning the camper and getting sheets on the bed and everything in place. I will be taking a bunch of my stuff with me, and hope to have plenty of time to play with paper at the lake. LOL, I've even told hubby to get over it - I AM taking the sewing machine this time!!! It seems I can hardly make a card without my sewing machine any more.

Next week is all about rest, relaxation, and fun!!! We are taking the bikes, trikkes and canoe, so we'll have lot's of fun getting out and about within the park. We both take books to read, and we have cards and games and old VHS movies to watch at night or if it rains. But I just can't make it a week without having some of my things with me! The one thing I will NOT have, is my internet service, so you probably won't hear anything from me next week. I did find out there's a McDonalds in Elberton (15 min away) that has a wifi hotspot, so I've made hubby promise me we can go there a time or two so I can check my e-mail and such, but don't expect anything from me on here until we get back home.

A little bit of info about where we are going. Richard B. Russell State Park is a 2,508 acre GA state park on 26,500 acre Lake Russell. There is a top rated golf course, a disc (frisbee) golf course, walking trails, mountain bike trails, cabins, boat docks and ramps, a beach, playground and picnic area, and the campground which has only 28 campsites. The campground has water, electric and cable connections. The cable TV is pretty basic, but at least you can see the news. There is no sewage hook-ups, but there are gray water pits for every 2-3 campsites. Within the campground there is a bath house, boat ramp, boat docks, a fish cleaning station, and a fishing dock. And there's lots of wildlife! We've seen deer, beaver, raccoons, squirrels, all kind of birds, and wild pigs. If you'd like more information, you can find it HERE.

Now, everyone have a great day, and I'll check in with you before we leave. Blessings, Becky


Barb said...

That sounds like a fantastic trip! Relax and have fun!

Annette said...

What fun is a camping trip without a sewing machine! I know what you mean by not being able to finish a card without one, I am also addicted to sewing on my cards! I hope all of you have a wonderful time, and you get some good paper crafting in!

Audrey Pettit said...

Sounds wonderful! I hope you have a peaceful and relaxing time!