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Welcome! This is the place where I share my artsy and crafty projects. I am an evolving artist these days ... finding myself enjoying less of the cards and mini albums that I have made for years, and turning to art journaling and more artistic endeavors. I have always enjoyed some craft or other, and some of my earliest memories of my mother helping me make paper dolls and other crafts. I am now in my 60's and finding myself more passionately enjoying creating beautiful things and learning new skills and techniques and products.

While you are here I hope you will find inspiration and ideas for making your own projects, however any images or projects you find here are my personal property and should not be used for your own monetary gain, or for contests or challenges. Thank You!


WCMD Challenge Three of Three!!!

Here it is!!! Challenge Three of Three!!! Once again, you can find the challenge on HERE. If you want to participate for the big RAK I'll be giving away next week, you must do it through that challenge.

The challenge is this! Take a few minutes and think about all the people who do things for you all the time. It could be your spouse, your best friend, your parents. It could be your day care provider, your pastor, or a friend who keeps you in their prayers. It could be your child who makes you happy, or your postman, hair dresser, or a child's teacher. Just choose someone who doesn't get enough thanks, and make a card of gratitude for that person.

It can be any colors or design, or any size - it just must be a theme of thanks or gratitude.

The twist??? This card needs to be in the mail or hand delivered no later than Wednesday 10/8!!! Make the card, write them a note, and get it in the mail, but not before you get a picture of it loaded either here or on (if you want in for the voting for the RAK)!

If you would like, we'd love to hear who your card will go to - but it's definitely not a condition of the challenge.

That's it, such a simple act, but by doing this you'll make someone's day much brighter!

Here's my card, I actually made it a couple of weeks ago for the 2S4U challenge, and made up my mind then to use this as one of the categories.

Now, I've been up most of the night and in here all day, and hubby and I are going over to the school to play for a while on our bikes and with his new frisbees. So I'll be back soon to check in on y'all! Becky

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